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      Tune: Gloria in Excelsis Deo
      (Angels We Have Heard On High)

      Christmas time is here again,
      Decorations everywhere.
      Christmas carols ringing out,
      Gentle pagans, we don’t care.


      Christmas time is pagan!
      Christmas time is pagan!
      Modern folks all celebrate
      What they learned in Sunday School.
      In December, they don’t know
      They are celebrating Yule!


      Let them have their Christmas trees,
      Decked in red and green and blue.
      We rejoice at every one!
      Christmas trees are pagan, too.


      Bowls of bubbly Christmas cheer,
      Fill your cup and quench your thirst.
      They think the tradition’s theirs.
      Wassail bowls were pagan, first.


      Every door and window bears
      Wreaths of holly, wreaths of pine.
      Circles represent the Sun.
      Every wreath is yours and mine.


      Christmas lights on Christmas trees,
      Candle flames burn higher and higher,
      Let us cheer along, my friends,
      As they light their Yuletide fire.


      There’s a possibility
      That this song is yours and mine
      ‘Cause the tune was known to all
      Back in A.D. one-two-nine.

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