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      This Scandinavian delicacy features cured salmon with a mix of fresh herbs and spices. Gravlax is traditionally served thinly sliced on rye bread or crispbread.

      1 lb fresh salmon fillet, skin on
      1/4 cup salt
      1/4 cup sugar
      2 tbsp crushed black pepper
      1 large bunch fresh dill

      In a small bowl, combine the salt, sugar, and crushed black pepper.

      Spread half of the dill on a large piece of plastic wrap. Place the salmon fillet skin-side down on the dill, and then cover the fillet with the salt mixture.

      Top the salmon with the remaining dill and wrap the plastic wrap tightly around the fillet.

      Place the wrapped salmon on a tray or dish and refrigerate for 48-72 hours, turning the fillet every 12 hours to ensure even curing.

      After curing, remove the salmon from the plastic wrap and gently scrape off the dill and curing mixture.

      Thinly slice the gravlax and serve on rye bread or crispbread with a dollop of mustard sauce.

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