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      This recipe is from Över Öppen Eld Vikingatida Recept (Over an Open Fire Viking Age Recipes). Makes approximately eight servings.

      1-1/2 cups barley flour
      1/2 cup water

      Blend ingredients together until a stiff dough is formed. Warm a griddle over a fire (or you can use a cooking sheet in the oven). Take a heavy rolling-pin and take a ball the size of a walnut and roll the ball until flattened. Roll outward so that it is as thin as you can until you have a flat, round disk. Lay it on the griddle and and place it over the fire (or cook at high heat in the oven) about 30 seconds on either side. One flat loaf at a time, roll out the dough and cook. It is most efficient to have two people, one rolling dough and one cooking flat loaves. The bread should be eaten immediately, but may be frozen and then reheated. They are good with all Viking foods but also may be eaten with butter or Skyr.

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