The Path of a Pagan

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      If you wish to discuss your path of being a Pagan.

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      Good early evening brothers and sisters!

      I hope that you are all well and the gods be ever on your side and in your favor. Am not sure where to begin with things like this. so many things interesting to learn about our culture. My path started as a Christian and the older I got the more awkward it got to sit in churches. I felt that I didn’t fit in; my path has always drawn me to norse paganism but I had felt that I would never fit in or be ” one of them.” January 28, 2021 changed all that; my life was turned upside down in a matter of hours when I had my child (age 3 at the time) taken by the state because in their eyes felt I wasn’t doing enough as a single working mother.

      I was bitter, angry, and felt I had nothing to lose anymore because the most important person in my life was gone, and never felt peace. I know that we aren’t judgemental but everyone secretly judges whether we know it or not. I have come to terms with this and am ok with this because if I’m being honest I’m used to it.

      I was skeptical at first of our culture but in the year and a half I’ve been learning of our culture and our traditional way of life as Norse pagan I feel stronger, I feel accepted and I feel that no matter what life throws at me that I’ll be ok because I know I have people behind me, to the left and right of me ready for battle when the time comes. I still have a long way to go in my journey and I hope that the gods guide me in where I need to go, and I have a lot to work on when it comes to our cultures because we all walk different stages in life.

      I’ll be posting somewhat regularly of things and hope you all find it interesting and helpful.

      Blessed be and may the gods be ever in your favor and may they guide you on your journey

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